RECORD THE DAILY WONDERS of the first five years of life in this marvelous Jewish Baby Journal while experiencing the joy and ceremony of Jewish living through more than one hundred original works of art presented in gorgeous pastels. Interactive with prayers, lullabies, recipes, quotes and religious excerpts this is more than a baby book: it is a full Jewish experience to share with the whole family.

From the time you get the good news, to your child’s birth and through early development, A TIME TO BE BORN: A JEWISH BABY JOURNAL will delightful and engage you as you record first experiences, emotions, milestones and cherished family.

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  •  “Krupin is to be congratulated for developing such a comprehensive an d eye-arresting album for doting andkvelling Jewish parents.  This is an album which, on behalf of future journalists and historians everywhere, I urge all parents to fill out as completely as possible.”
Donald Harrison is editor of San Diego Jewish World